Academic Problems

Do you have a learning disability and have difficulty coping with the ways it impacts your life? Do you struggle to advocate for the accommodations you need in college or at work? Does ADHD prevents you from having a fulfilling professional life?

Through my clinical training I acquired extensive experience in assessing cognitive and academic skills, as well as identifying the most effective interventions to address specific learning disabilities and learning difficulties related to ADHD. I can help you develop a full understanding of your weaknesses, but also identify the strengths you possess to compensate your problems and express your full potential.



My doctoral program at the University of Texas at Austin and my internship in psychology at Fort Worth Independent School District allowed me to acquire specific expertise on school systems, special education services and policy. If you have a child who receives special education services (or you think he/she may need these services in future), I can assist you with:

  • Interpreting school evaluation results
  • Conducting school-based observations
  • Consulting with teachers
  • Understanding the different types of school based services (504 vs special education)
  • Advocating for your child during school IEP meetings