Clients I work with


My clients are:


Thanks to my international educational background, in therapy I am able to bring together the psychodynamic and systemic approaches, as well as cognitive-behavioral strategies. In this way, I can support you in understanding the past and present experiences impacting your emotional wellbeing, while at the same time developing specific strategies to create the change you need. In session, I may use role-play and other techniques to help you acquire new ways to interact with others. At the same time, we will also explore how attachment relationships may contribute to your present concerns.


I am comfortable working with children all ages. My approach integrates play therapy techniques and skill-based strategies (such as cognitive-behavioral therapies). I am certified in Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and I have experience treating children who suffered a wide range of traumas. I also developed expertise in treating children who displays disruptive behaviors. In line with my attachment background, I employ parenting strategies that focus on teaching children to respect limits while improving the overall parent-child relationship.

If I work with your child, I will usually spend part of the session with you, as you are the expert on your child problem and your relationship with him/her is one of the keys to the solution of the problem. With adolescents, I focus on helping the adolescents navigating the challenges related to accepting physical and emotional changes, searching for a personal identity and acquiring a different role in the family. 


I work with families on two levels. On the one hand, I support family members in learning specific strategies to change the way they interact with each other and navigate family conflicts. At the same time, I help families improve the overall quality of their relationships by resolving deep emotional issues that cause suffering and re-discovering the positive aspects of their affective bonds.