Summer is getting close and for some of us who moved away, this means having time to go back. You may be going back to your hometown or to your home country. Just like adapting to a new place can be stressing, going back can also be just as emotionally taxing. Here are some things to keep in mind while approaching your time back home:

1)   You may want to do everything and see everybody, with the result that you will end your visit exhausted. Focus on the moment, accept that you will not do and see everything, but aim at fully enjoying what you choose to do.

2)   When you are visiting, you may start comparing your new place to your hometown/country. This can be a way to deal with the pain of having left. If you focus on how much better off you are your new place, you may feel that being away is less painful. However, this would not be a good way to treasure your moments visiting back. Accept that you made a choice, hopefully for the best, but as any other choice, there will be things you miss. Enjoy these things while you are visiting.

3)   You may ask yourself how your life would have been if you had stayed. Remember that part of life is making choices and giving up some things, whether we stay or go.

4)   When you realize that there are things you miss from home, ask yourself what you are actually missing. Sometimes we miss a place, but what we are really missing is how we felt at the time we were in that place and during that period of our life. Sometimes what we miss is ourselves in the past. Do you miss being more carefree? Having less responsibilities? Feeling that you had a life full of choices? Accept that you are growing, some things are lost forever, others will come back, and others will be different than expected but may still bring joy.

5)   Just when you feel you are settling in…It is time to return to your new place and the pain of leaving will arise again. You may wonder why you chose this life and you may feel you do not belong anywhere anymore. Remind yourself that home is a place within us, it is a state of mind. You now have more than one home and this allows you to express different parts of yourself. Your life may be more emotionally stressing in comparison to others who stayed, but it is also richer and full of unexpected gifts.